Critics picked last years best films and TV series

Recently, the first Critics Choice Super Awards ceremony took place, at which professional reviewers selected last years best genre films and series. Taking into account the pandemic, the ceremony was held in online format, and the main favorites were โ€œPadsโ€ (4 awards), โ€œHang in Palm Springsโ€ and cartoonโ€Soulโ€ – the latter have three trophies. Full list of Best Action Film winners โ€” Five One Blood Best Actor in Action Film โ€” Delroy Lindo (Five of the One Blood) Best Actress in Action Movie โ€” Betty Gilpin (โ€œHuntingโ€) Best Animated Film โ€” โ€œSoulโ€ Best Voice Actor โ€” Jamie Foxx (โ€œSoulโ€) Best Actress Voiceover โ€” Tina Fay (โ€œSoulโ€) Best Superhero Film โ€” โ€œOld Guardโ€ Best Actor in a Superhero Film โ€” Ewen McGregor (Birds of Prey) Best actress in superhero film โ€” Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey) Best Horror Movie โ€” โ€œInvisible Manโ€ Best actor in a horror film โ€” Vin Vaughn (โ€œWild ») Best actress in a horror film โ€” Elisabeth Moss (โ€œInvisible Manโ€) Best fantastic/fantasy film โ€” โ€œHang in Pal Springsโ€ Best actor in fantasy/fantasy film โ€” Andy Samberg (โ€œHang in Pal Springsโ€) Best actress in a science/fantasy film โ€” Christine Milioti (โ€œHang in Pal Springsโ€) Best Villain in Film โ€” Jim Carrey (โ€œSonic in the Movieโ€) Best Action Series โ€” โ€œVikingsโ€ Best Actor in Action Series โ€” David Diggs (โ€œThrough the Snowโ€) Best Actor actress in action series โ€” Angela Bassett (โ€œ911โ€) Best animated series โ€” โ€œHorse BoJackโ€ Best voice actor in an animated series โ€” Will Arnett (โ€œHorse BoJack ») Best voice actress in an animated series โ€” Kaley Cuoco (โ€œHarley Quinnโ€) Best Superhero Series โ€” โ€œPadsโ€ Best Actor in a Superhero Series — Anthony Starr (โ€œPadsโ€) Best actress in a superhero series โ€” Aya Cash (โ€œPadsโ€) Best horror series โ€” โ€œLovecrafts Countryโ€ Best actor in Horror Series โ€” Jensen Eccles (โ€œSupernaturalโ€) Best Actress in Horror Series โ€” Jernie Smollett (Lovecrafts Country) Best Sci-Fiction/fantasy series โ€” โ€œMandaloreanโ€ Best actor in a fantasy/fantasy series โ€” Patrick Stewart (โ€œStar Trek: Picardโ€) Best actress in fantasy/fantasy TV series โ€” Natasia Demetriou (โ€œWhat We Are Busy in the Shadowsโ€) The best villain in the series is Anthony Starr (โ€œThe Padsโ€).

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