Critics rated the new ‘Suicide Squad’ far above the original

Criticsreviews of James Gunn’s new Suicide Squad appeared on the network, which proved positive for the most part. The film now has a score of 76 on 14 reviews on Metacritic and 97% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 36 reviews. In comparison, David Eyre‘s original had a score of 40 and a negative 26% .

By the way of it, almost all reviewers note that Gunn’s film, despite its own problems, is easily bypassed by quality its predecessor. Even the most negative review noted that the director had a better understanding of how such heroes should be perceived.

Among the pros are the acting works, cheerful arguments between team members, and the general spirit of the tape giving away a bit of madness. The film does not take up the scale of the film, though, the bloody details — the tape is much more bloodthirsty than the original.

At the same time, one of the authors called the picture the least depressed superhero film in recent memory. Among the cons note some moments of the story and jokes that don‘t work as well as one would like.

One review states that the first act of the film is great, whereas the other two are no longer so beautiful. In addition, the author was confused by the montage in the story’s finale.

It will be possible to see how reviewers‘ opinions match reality from August 5, when Suicide Squad: Mission Skill appears in movies. And the 6th of the picture will be released on HBO Max.

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