Critique Prince William on Space Tourism: Focus on Earths Problems

British Prince William believes that super-rich like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson should not put their money into space adventures but in solving the problems on Earth.

โ€œWe see that there is a race to space, everyone is trying to start space tourism,โ€ William tells the BBC. โ€œThe brightest scholars should focus on repairing this planet, not looking for a new livable planet.โ€

It‘s not the first time space travel funders have been criticized. This is usually because of the sharp contrast between the billions involved and the poverty that many people live in.

Amazon founder Bezos largely equates to these critics. โ€œWe both have to do,โ€ he told CNN ahead of his July space journey. โ€œThere are a lot of problems on Earth and we need to address them. But we also have to look to the future, we’ve always done that.โ€ According to Bezos, future generations will benefit from โ€œthe experiences of today‘s space travelโ€.

Earthshot Prize

Prince William has been concerned about the environment for a long time. On Sunday, he will award the Earthshot environmental awards for the first time to five people who have made a significant contribution to solving environmental problems. More than 1.15 million euros are available for each winning project.

William says he worries about the world he leaves to his children. โ€œIf we don’t look out, we‘ll rob them of their future and that’s not fair.โ€

William‘s father, Prince Charles, was also committed to the environment. He was mocked by some of them. โ€œHe’s had a hard time,โ€ said William, โ€œand he has proved he was ahead of his time.โ€

Climate Summit

On October 31, the UN climate summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow will begin. Some say that is the last chance to stop further global warming. William calls on the world leaders to put the resolutions expressed in the past into action.