Crossroads Inn awaits four additions in second season

Polish publishing house Klabater told of further prospects for a simulation of the medieval innkeeper Crossroads Inn. In season two, skip buyers will receive four add-ons, and two of them are dedicated to publishing games: The Amazing American Circus and Moonshine Inc. The Circus DLC comes out soon, on August 5, which is based on The Amazing American Circus turn-based card strategy โ€” it will be released on September 16.

The addition will add new Visitors, Jugglers and Clowns that are similar to already known Bards, and Silachy, one of whom can be hired. And the tavern will now be able to build a stage for performances.

In September we are waiting for Booze & Liquor DLC, which, like Moonshine Inc. , will open us the mysteries of self-driving.

And in November and December, Decoration Packs DLC and Snacks and Recipes DLC come out, they‘ll add new decorations and recipes. More on Iromania Sea Battles, Hundred Years’ War and Abbasids in Trailers Age of Empires 4 Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is released August 11 Adventure Platformer Vesper Gets great reviews.