Crows Nest Assassin: Dead by Daylight Artist Cosplay

Cosplayer Anna Shakhovskaya in the image of the Artist (Carmina Mora) offers to plunge into the atmosphere of Dead by Daylight horror. By the way, the girl made the costume herself. Photographer Andrey Modey was engaged in the shooting, and Elena Modey made the makeup.

The character appeared after the release of the chapter Study in Raven Tones. Carmina Mora was a gifted artist, but then she was reborn in the fog after bandits kidnapped her with friends, cut off the girls hands and cut off her tongue.

With the abilities of Dire Crows, she creates art through the deadliest, most ferocious crows that attack Survivors on the map. More at Gambling, Intel introduced new models of video cards from the Intel Arc Pro Wildberries series, Ozon and Yandex Market announced the fight against counterfeiting Launch of the Russian analogue of GitHub postponed to a later date.