Cruel role-playing action thriller Thymesia is released on December 7

Studio OverBorder and publishing house Team17 have announced a release date for their hardcore role-playing action thriller Thymesia. The game will be available on Steam 7 December. Thymesias action is set in a once-thriving kingdom now plunged into chaos.

The ban on alchemy had disastrous consequences. But why this happened can only be unravelled by our hero, the mysterious Corvus in the mask of plague.

Half man, half crow is deprived of memory, and we have to discover his scattered memories. But before that, we have a lot of monster battles with weapons that can draw abilities from enemies to use against them.

Players will be able to change and improve basic techniques and develop predatory weapons to build your own fighting style. And the final game will depend on decisions made and pieces collected.

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