Cruijff often thinks back to father Johan: ‘I often ask myself that question’

Jordi Cruijff often thinks back to his late father Johan, especially when it comes to football. At the Cruyff Legacy Summit event organized by the Cruyff Foundation, Barcelona‘s sports director spoke about his father.
โ€œWhen my father came in somewhere, the lights came on immediately,โ€ Cruijff tells ESPN. โ€œHe just had a certain charisma, but he always stayed very normal with everyone. It doesn’
t matter who you were or where you worked.โ€
Cruijff jr. often thinks about how his father would have thought about current football. โ€œThe question of how he thinks about developments in football is something I often ask myself, yes. In particular, I think that in those 70s, all the power really lay with the clubs and not with the players, but that has now also been reversed. Sometimes players have too much power, but the most important thing is to find a balance between player and club.โ€
In any case, Cruijff is satisfied with the current state of affairs at Barcelona. The sports director notices optimism in the city again and sees that everyone is looking positively at what is to come.