Cruijff: “The whole city has been revived and fans believe in the project”

FC Barcelona is on the rise again, acknowledges sports director Jordi Cruijff. The club hopes to have put the long coronavirus period behind it forever.
Due to the corona crisis, many Spanish clubs were in financially difficult weather, including Barcelona. Not only Barcelona, but many Spanish clubs have had a hard time. But I think weve had a good transfer period. You can see it through the full stadiums, the whole city has been revived and the fans believe in the project. People are positive about what is to come, Cruijff tells DecceIT.
Memphis Depay and Frenkie de Jong seemed to be on their way to the exit from Barcelona this summer, but stayed. Memphis and Frenkie were everywhere and played. They were both in the base in the last game. The trainer sets up to win, who doesn
t think about other things, but about: how can I win? Thats the setup.