Crunchyroll Announces Five New Animes

Anime resource Crunchyroll summed up the results of 2020, presenting the best anime series at Anime Awards. But at the same time he looked to the future, presenting the audience five new anime, which will be released in 2021. They will all be broadcast in CNG countries.

In April, the second season of Zombie Land Saga Revenge, the story of a group of girls who became zombie idols to save the withering prefecture of Saga. All of them are from different places and times, but their zombie bodies allow them to do what is not available to ordinary people.

The heroine Ive Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level — a girl who after her death was reincarnated into a witch and decided to enjoy the most serene and measured life. However, even a minimum effort in 99 years made her the worlds strongest witch level 99.

Now everyone from her needs something, but she did not even perform quests. The action of Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood takes place in an alternative 1931, uniting the realities of the Meiji era, secret scientific technology and conspiracy theories.

The government group of executioners should prevent the murder of Prince Yoshinobu Tokugave. The protagonist Oddtaxi is an unpeopleable taxi driver who lives an ordinary life and leads to nothing obliging conversations with a variety of strange passengers.

And somehow discreetly all of them are reduced to a missing girl. In Tokyo Revengers unemployed and lost all hopes Takemichi Hanagaki learns about the death of his former classmate, his only girls.

And then he dies himself and somehow goes back 12 years. Now he can change his whole life and save Hinata Tatibana.

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