Crysis Remastered: Crytek paid 126k euros for annual use of Denuvo

From Crytek documents it became known that the company paid 126 thousand euros for the annual use of Denuvo in Crysis Remastered. At the same time, the amount would be more – 140 thousand euros – if the game went to the Epic Games Store after March 31, 2021. If a year later Crytek wants to continue using anti-piracy protection in a shooter remaster, she will have to pay 2 thousand euros monthly.

In addition, the company must pay an additional 60 thousand euros, after Crysis Remastered reaches 500 thousand unique activations. For the release of the Crysis remaster in stores other than Epic Games Store, Crytek must pay another 10 thousand euros for each platform.

Finally, the same documents again mention the remaster Crysis 2. His PC-Believy will also be an exclusive Epic Games Store and will receive anti-piracy protection Denuvo.

Earlier from Cryteks duck documents became known about the remaster Crysis 3 and Crysis Next battle royal. More on CCeit In โ€œM.

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