CU supports motions against Kaag and Bijleveld, majority disapproves Afghanistan policy

ChristenUnie coalition party supports the motion of censure filed last night against the demissionary cabinet at Afghanistans andebat. Thats what MP Don Ceder said. The motion calls Minister Kaag for Foreign Affairs as the ultimate policy manager. A motion of censure against Minister Bijleveld of Defence is also supported by the Christian Union.

Thanks to the support of the smallest coalition partner, there is a majority for the motions on paper. It will be voted on tonight at 7.45 p.m. Initially, at the request of MP Van der Plas of BBB, this would be severally. That means that each Member of Parliament must speak for or against separately.

But Van der Plas has withdrawn her request and the vote is now going by group. This would almost certainly make the motions, but another Member of Parliament can still apply for a rollcall vote.

In such a vote, it is important how many MPs are present, because that can affect voting ratios. If many members of the opposition are absent, the motions may still be rejected.

On paper, the motion against Kaag is now supported by PVV, GroenLinks, PvdA, SP, Party for Animals, Forum for Democracy, Ja21, Denk, SGP, Volt, BBB, Bij1, Van Haga and Omtzigt. Thats 77 out of 150 seats. The motion against Bijleveld can count on a similar number of seats.

Insufficient urgency felt

MP Ceder points out that before the summer the House of Representatives insisted on taking action to bring people to safety who worked for the Netherlands in Afghanistan. โ€œThe urgency that the Chamber felt has not been sufficiently felt by the persons responsible for a very long time, too long.โ€

According to him, the cabinet has not done enough with information that was there. โ€œThats a blame in my view. That act has not been good, as the people of the government themselves say, and as far as we are concerned, is also disapproveable.โ€

In an explanation, Cedar emphasizes that the motions disapprove of the policy. He doesnt think the question of trust is on the table. Therefore, a motion of mistrust tabled by the SP will not support its group.

Cedar on the voting behaviour of his group:


A motion of censure does not have to lead to the resignation of a minister or secretary of state, as in a motion of no confidence. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte also stayed on in April when D66 leader Kaag filed a motion of censure against him for his role in the formation and the Omtzigt issue.


when Kaag said about Ruttes decision. โ€œIt would affect me to the deepest. I would link my conclusions to it. But Im a different person.โ€

Minister Bijleveld is already informing that she will stay on when she takes the motion against her Chamber. โ€œThe cabinet, including myself, indicated yesterday that things didnt go well. My priority is still in bringing interpreters that are still in Afghanistan to safety.โ€