Cuba: Embassy in Paris Attacked with Molotov Cocktails


Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said Monday that the Cuban embassy in Paris was attacked with molotov cocktails. He accuses the US government of inciting violence. We condemn a terrorist attack with molotov cocktails at our embassy in Paris, Rodriguez tweeted. I hold the US government responsible for its ongoing campaigns against our country that encourage this behavior and for calling for violence from its territory unpunished.

Earlier this month, thousands of Cubans in different cities demonstrated freedom, oppression and (food) deficits in the country. Such protests had not occurred in the Caribbean state in decades. Cuban exiles and sympathizers also protested abroad, for example in Washington.

The US issued sanctions against specific members of the islands communist government. They are reprisal measures against people that the US government considers responsible for the suppression of activists and the arrest of hundreds of protesters simply because they exercise their human rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

The Cuban economy suffers heavily from the collapse of tourism during the coronapandemic and US sanctions. There is a shortage of food and medicine. The number of corona infections in the country is also rising again.

The authoritarian government has described the protests as violent turmoil incited by the US to divide Cubans.