Cuba Protests: “Stop Dictatorship”

Protests broke out in several cities in Cuba on Sunday. The demonstrations were directed against the Communist rule on the Caribbean island.

The protesters called slogans like stop the dictatorship and homeland and life, a variation of the revolutionary battle cry homeland or death. According to participants in the protests the BBC spoke to, the social media protest was organised. One of them said, Were not afraid. We want change, we dont want any more dictatorship.

Images of the demonstrations were broadcast live over the internet. Cuban authorities seemed busy intercepting those live streams, but when broadcasts ended in one city, new ones started in other cities.

Cubas Communist President Miguel Diaz-Canel has now called on supporters to act against protesters taking the streets. The Cuban leader wants his followers to cope with the provocations. Supporters would be willing to defend the government with their lives.

In the capital, Havana, jeeps of the special security forces drove around, armed with machine guns.

In his call, the President held the United States responsible for the turmoil. He responded to the unusual protests by Cubans. They feel neglected by the power during the biggest economic crisis in 30 years.