Cuba regime recurrence protest, president pulls out to opponents

In the Cuban capital, Havana, tens of thousands of people have expressed their support to President Diaz-Canel. The president of the Communist One-Party State addressed his supporters in front of his predecessor, 90-year-old Raúl Castro.

Last week, thousands of people took to the streets in Havana and other places in Cuba. Among other things, they protested against the poor state of the economy, the shortage of first necessities and medicine, and lack of freedom.

Diaz-Canel again pulled out to the United States and the sanctions Washington imposed against Cuba. He spoke of an aggressive blockade and terror. The enemy has returned to destroy our sacred unity and disrupt the peace of citizens, the President said.

He divided the protesters into four groups: radical supporters of the US, criminal looters, desperate citizens suffering from the economic crisis and young people who feel straightless.

‘Fatherland or death! ‘

According to the news agency AP, the President did not end his speech with the traditional The Fatherland of Death! This slogan was taken over by the anti-government protesters last week and turned into Fatherland and Life!

Shortly after the protests, Diaz-Canel had already pulled out to the United States. But later he acknowledged that Cuban leaders were somewhat responsible for the problems in the country.

In recent days, some ministers have stated that there is a mix of measures to tackle food and medicine shortages, among other things. But the authorities said that the political system is not being modified.

In the wake of the demonstrations, hundreds of people were arrested. The internet has been restricted.