Cultist Simulator authors release board game The Lady Afterwards

Today, horror bagel with Cultist Simulator management elements turns three years old: the game appeared on Steam on May 31, 2018. Over the years, four additions have been released to it, ported the project to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and added four localizations. And now to the anniversary of Cultist Simulator developers from Weather Factory studios have prepared an unusual announcement: they release tactical board role-playing game The Lady Afterwards.

This is a limited edition of the Cultist Simulator desktop with a special script based on the simplified Chaosium role-playing system. In The Lady Afterwards, the action takes place in the city of Alexandria.

Players arrive here at the request of a friend: he needs to find a certain Audrey Lee Howard, a woman with a high position and a dubious temper. But these searches draw us into something bigger and far more dangerous.

The supposedly limited physical edition will be on sale in October, in time for Halloween. More on Gambling In Abriss we have to build to destroy Platform action thriller Crossbow Crusade released on consoles Role simulator Farmers Fairy Tale released on Steam.