Curaçao takes stricter corona measures after increasing number of infections

The government in Curaçao has announced more stringent corona measures. The already existing curfew, which starts at 11 p.m., will be brought forward to 9 p.m. For adults it is now mandatory to wear a mouthcap in the supermarket. The obligation to carry applies also to other shops, public transport, and to departures.


reason for the new measures is the number of infections that have been growing hard since a week, from 20 per day to 40 people tested positive. Among them are also many medical staff of the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), the Advent Hospital and other healthcare institutions.

The operation programme in the CMC has now been shut down. Only acute operations continue. A quarter of all beds are empty because there are not enough staff. The Netherlands has been asked for reinforcement and nursing staff arrived from Sint-Eustatius and Bonaire last weekend.

Rules not followed

According to medical sources, the increase is due to the fact that people do not keep enough distance when they go out and do not wear mouthcaps. The infections would have started mainly at parties.

The trade association Curaçao Restaurant Association has been shocked to the curfew which commences two hours earlier. Hospitality must now be closed at 20.00 hours.

In a statement, the association of the hospitality industry states that the measure could lead to bankruptcies in the sector. Curaçao has no special arrangement to accommodate restaurants in the fixed burdens that continue, despite the few customers.

The number of infections on Curaçao may be higher than a week before, compared to the Netherlands it is still relatively small numbers. For Curaçao code is yellow and the Netherlands has excluded the island from the negative travel advice set for other holiday destinations.