Curatorial Britney Spears under the scrutiny in docu

The sixth episode of documentary The New York Times Presents is about control of Britney Spears. The now 39-year-old singer has been under guardianship for twelve years after a mental breakdown.

The New York Times Presents is the successor of The Weekly, and just like that predecessor, goes into the stories behind the news. Several journalists from the New York Times are participating in the program. The episode about the singer, Framing Britney Spears, will be broadcast in the US on February 5.

Especially in recent years there is a lot of speculation about Britney‘s curatorship and the role of her father Jamie in it. Pa Spears was appointed as a supervisor in 2008, but temporarily transferred his duties to a professional curator in 2019 for health reasons. Lawyers of the singer reported in court papers last year that Britney was opposed to her father being back to scepter about her finances and legal affairs, but the settlement continued as well. Jamie Spears accuses his daughter’s legal advisors of manipulating her.

Although Britney never indicated that she wants to get rid of the trustee during the lawsuits, fans have been campaigning under the hashtag #FreeBritney for a long time. These activists also speak in the documentary.