Curfew discussed in ‘discussion stone’, possibly from 20:00 to 04:00

The Cabinet hopes to receive an urgent advice from the Outbreak Management Team on setting a curfew next weekend. The possible introduction of this was also discussed today in the House of Representatives.

The option of curfew to reduce the number of coronavirus infections has been discussed more often, including mid-December, when the Cabinet decided to put a hard lockdown. Before the meeting in the Catshuis on 13 December, the National Coordinator of Counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) had worked out what such a curfew might look like. This document, bearing the label confidential, is on the website of the National Government. You can watch it here.

Although this is a discussion paper and Prime Minister Rutte did not want to anticipate details at the last press conference, the document provides insight into what curfew might look like.

According to the opinion, the curfew could apply between 8 and 4 a.m. At that time, there is a โ€œban on staying in the open airโ€. In that period only necessary trips are allowed. Purpose is, it can be read, โ€œlimiting social contacts and travel movements in the evenings and supporting the enforceability of the corona measuresโ€. It is expected that by the start time of 20:00 people will stay at home in the evening Valid reasons to go out on the street are work, medical care for humans or animals, assistance for needy persons, walking a pet, outbound or return trip abroad or a calamity People who go outside need an official form; when it comes to work-related travel, you need to be able to show an employers statement. The discussion paper says nothing about fines; those should be determined by the Public Prosecutor

s Office

The document also deals with the legal basis for a curfew, in particular the Extraordinary Powers Civil Authority Act (Wbbbg).

Call from Rutte

Prime Minister Rutte didnt want to say anything at the press conference about the details of a curfew, if any. He called on MPs this afternoon not to block the drug if, according to the OMT, it could help reduce the virus.

We asked people in Alkmaar for their opinion about a curfew: