Curfew in Afghanistan in Fight Against Taliban

The Afghan government has set a curfew in much of the country in the fight against the advancing Taliban. In 31 out of 34 provinces, people are no longer allowed to leave the door between 10 pm and 4am at night. Only the provinces of Kabul, Panjshir and Nangarhar are excluded from the nightlife ban.

Violence between the Taliban and the Afghan government has escalated over the past two months. As the international force withdraws after nearly twenty years, the Taliban is strengthening its grip on land. It is estimated that the extremist Islamic movement has about half of the country under control, although the Taliban itself claims to have conquered more territory.

According to experts, the loss of US air support since May has been a major reason for the Taliban‘s advance. Afghan officers also indicate that they can no longer act effectively at night.


The Pentagon announced on Thursday that it had forced air strikes to support Afghan troops, even though the Americans continue to withdraw. The Taliban warned yesterday that the United States should stop it.

It is a clear violation of the agreement, which will have consequences, warned the group, referring to the deal between the US and the Taliban, which was a prelude to the withdrawal of the international force. The Afghan government has also been warned not to start an offensive.

The Taliban announced earlier this week to stand defensive only in connection with Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrificial. That party’s over since Thursday.