Curfew in First Chamber: Grapperhaus wants to pull senators over the line

The First Chamber debates, exceptionally on a Friday, about the Temporary Law limiting staying in the open air covid-19, or curfew.

The political groups are very critical of the Cabinets approach. The parties also want to know how the curfew continues after 2 March, and how the Cabinet will avoid legal doubts about the measure. Many senators hold the cards to the chest and dont say if they will vote in favour.

Demissonary Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security reiterated the purpose of the curfew measure: to reduce the number of infections. He admits that there are no exact figures on the effect yet, but emphasizes that curfew does have an effect.

Grapperhaus also said to regret the fact that the House of First Chamber came to be a surprise on curfew and was sometimes out of play. Thats not the purpose of the Cabinet, he said. The roll-call vote is around 9 p.m., so it remains exciting until the last time.

annoyance about PVV request

The debate was immediately suspended at the beginning because the PVV believes that a demissionary cabinet should not submit this law. The party also wanted to wait for the debate until the appeal ruling on curfew was over.

The PVV asked for a roll-call vote on this, so all senators from all over the country had to come to the Ridderzaal in a hurry. To the great annoyance of other groups, because the PVV had not announced this. But the PVV received too little support, and the debate continued again.

Chances are great

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the law, although there was also a lot of criticism. The parties who voted in favour have 52 seats out of 75 seats in the First Chamber. It is therefore very likely that curfew after today will be governed by this law.

The Cabinet wants to introduce the law in case the judge also judges on appeal that the legal basis for curfew is not right at the moment. The court sought to give a ruling today, but the judge said this afternoon that it will not work. A written ruling will be given next Friday.

The Judge of Providence said earlier that the Cabinet has wrongly made use of the Extraordinary Powers Civil Authority Act, intended for acute emergencies requiring immediate action.

The debate can be followed live via NPO Politics and