‘Curfew moved problem’

Setting a curfew is to move and increase group formation to daytime, thinks Lidia van der Kleie.

Curfew is a very bad idea. Because of this, people are going to meet in mass daytime. You‘re actually moving the problem. Young people can take advantage of this by meeting massively during the day. Because everyone works and studies almost from home. Employees and young people can then move work and study to evening and daytime meeting with others. Or take off days to meet. Many employees now have overtime because they work from home.

In addition, there are also people who are caregivers or have relatives who are seriously ill. My father-in-law has cancer and could just die in the next few weeks, and then my boyfriend and I wouldn’t be allowed to say goodbye if things go really bad during curfew? I don‘t have a car, so the family should pick us up to get to my father-in-law, and that may not be done during a curfew. This is inhuman, isn’t it? There are also people who walk around a block in the evening to sleep better, that is not possible. This is going very far.

Lidia van der Clay