‘Curfew possible until 2 March, decision falls on monday’

Curfew may be extended until 2 March. That is, according to insiders, one of the options that will be on the table when the cabinet finally cuts a button on Monday.

โ€œ If the curfew is extended, it is a serious option to align it with the other corona measuresโ€, one person concerned knows. That would go to March 2. Initiates emphasize that a knot will be finally decided on Monday. โ€œMuch depends on the heaviness of the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT),โ€ emphasizes one of them.

The Catshuisoverleg was cancelled on Sunday due to winters. Normally, a decision on the controversial curfew would already be pre-cooked there. Now the corona core team of the demissionary cabinet will meet on Monday morning at the Ministry of General Affairs to conduct this consultation with RIVM-boss Jaap van Dissel. Later in the afternoon the decision is finally decided by the Cabinet in a second consultation. According to those involved, a press conference is likely to follow immediately.

If the cabinet wants to extend the curfew, there will first be a debate on this in the House of Representatives. The curfew is due to expire on Wednesday morning at 4.30 a.m. On Tuesday, the Chamber could debate whether or not to extend the curfew. There seems to be a majority in this respect.

Where the removal of curfew was a serious wish of the demissionary cabinet, it now seems nothing more than vain hope. โ€œI fear the worstโ€, bleak Rutte Thursday in the House of Representatives about the abolition of curfew. โ€œIt doesnt look good.โ€ The twist in thinking comes from the latest predictions of the RIVM about the spread of the British variant of the virus.