Curfew starts on Saturday: from 21:00 instead of 20:30

Curfew will be there, but will not apply from 8:30 p.m., but from 9:00 p.m. A majority in the House of Representatives agrees with introduction, but then the curfew has to take effect half an hour later than the government had previously planned. The Cabinet agrees with the amendment, as the Minister of Justice and Security in the House of Representatives stated.

This means that as of next Saturday people will stay indoors from 9pm. The end time of the curfew remains 04.30 hours.

Practical information about the curfew has been posted on the website of the National Government this evening. The self-statement can also be downloaded. Anyone who has to be on the street after 9 p.m., should bring such a self-completed statement. In that statement, people have to tick themselves for whatever reason theyre outside.

More bearable

A majority of the Lower House government parties D66, VVD, CDA and ChristianUnion and the opposition parties SP and 50Plus requested a later date. Political parties believe that strict measure is more tolerable for many people if it starts later. โ€œA later date can make a big difference for many families, children, students and workers,โ€ states in the motion.

Rutte said earlier today in the debate that it may be โ€œa little laterโ€ than 8.30 p.m., but not later than 9.00 p.m. Hes not going to oppose the wishes of the House of Representatives.

D66 Group Chairman Jetten on why the shift is important:

Todays debate on corona measures has focused on curfew throughout the day. Among other things, the PVV, Forum for Democracy and Think are fiercely against it. They consider the measure draconian and disproportionate. Rutte stressed that curfew should now be introduced, because the cabinet does not want to conclude afterwards that it intervened too late. The measure is mainly taken because of concerns about the British variant of the coronavirus.

Government Party D66 was initially against curfew, but is now resigning to its introduction at 9 p.m. Group chairman Jetten says that his group came to this decision after long deliberation.