Curfew stays a week anyway

Curfew will remain for another week anyway. That was decided in a lawsuit today. According to the judge, it takes more time to think about the case.

Earlier this week, the judge decided that curfew should stop immediately. The judge said the government had made mistakes when they introduced that rule.

The government disagreed with that. That‘s why they’ve come up with two things to keep curfew.


The government has appealed. That means a higher judge is looking at the case. So he said that a decision will not be taken until next Friday.

Emergency law

The government has made an emergency bill. That is a special law that can be introduced quickly. That law says the evening clock rule.

Today, the House of First Chamber will vote on that law. First, they‘ll have a meeting all day on it. By the end of the day, they’re probably going to vote. If most people in the House vote in favour, the emergency law will be passed. So the curfew can continue to exist.

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