Curfew step closer after consultation in Catshuis

The introduction of the curfew is a step closer after corona consultation in the Catshuis. It is feared in the demissionary cabinet that ‘a step forward’ is now really needed in view of new coronamutations. In the next few days there will be further political consultation and consultation with the security regions

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the introduction of curfew is a hot issue. Mayors are not keen on it, because it requires extra police commitment. Parties like D66, PVV and GL don‘t see it that way either. The parties question whether the major corona measure is proportionate.

Today a part of the cabinet that was demissionary since Friday met in the Catshuis. According to insiders, this part of the cabinet tends more than before to introduce curfew.


Whether the measure really makes sense is not clear. It was planned that the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) would come up with further figures on this Sunday, but it is unknown whether that was delivered.

Nevertheless, it has been discussed in the Catshuis that – now that so many coronamutations appear – a curfew can be sensible. Taking this step, according to those involved, it can prevent hospitals from being flooded. If the curfew does not come into force now, it is feared, perhaps the whole country will have to be locked up.

Additional deliberation

Because not the entire cabinet was present in the Catshuis, an additional crisis meeting with more directors on the issue will be held on Monday. VVD, CDA, D66 and CU will consult their MPs about curfew.. On Monday evening, the Cabinet also talks about the issue with the security regions.

Several mayors did not show themselves eager before. Extra police commitment is needed at curfew, she and agents themselves think too. โ€œThis will be a difficult story, because the police are already on the lips,โ€ says Sharon Dijksma, mayor of Utrecht and president of the security region Utrecht.

The curfew starts at 8:00 in the evening, is the idea, and will apply until 4:00 in the morning. Dogs are allowed to be just walking. Those who have to go for their work must be able to submit an employer’s statement.

In Amsterdam, they are not waiting for a curfew.