Curve Digital to release I Am Fish, a new project by the authors of I Am Bread

Publishing house Curve Digital announced that it had signed an agreement with BAFTA Award-winning studio Bossa. This is the first time Bossa has resorted to an external publisher, and the joint project will be the release of adventure platformer I Am Fish. With Curve Digital, the game will appear on Xbox One in the third quarter and PC, and over time on other platforms.

Meanwhile, Bossa Studios will be able to focus on the summer release of Surgeon Simulator 2 on RS and consoles. In I Am Fish we will have the role of fish in a small aquarium.

She tries to escape from the pet store into the free ocean, but on her way awaits a lot of tests using realistic game physics. It should be borne in mind that the aquarium is fragile, and fish can survive outside the water for a short time.

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