Custom modification tools are being prepared for Dying Light 2

Techland and Dying Light 2 lead designer Timon Smektala held a Q&A session on the official Discord channel. And there, in particular, it was announced that developers are actively working on adding tools for creating custom modifications on PC. However, they are not limited to this.

The team is looking for ways to make community-created PC mods available to console players. As we remember, Dying Light 2 was released without official mod support, but this did not prevent modders from making their contribution to transforming the games appearance and gameplay.

said that after the release of the Bloody Ties add-on, developers will focus on improving online modes. So far, players can only co-op, but they plan to add arenas to the game.

And they are likely using the former opera house from the future expansion. Techland plans to add Legend levels, features, X-ray vision, and new animations in upcoming updates.

However, cross-platform support is still a difficult technical task. Bloody Ties, the next DLC for Dying Light 2, was due to be released on October 13, but the creators recently announced the transfer release on November 10.

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