Cyber Protocol Authors Introduced Platform Shooter 7 Horizons

Studio ReddeerGames announced some time ago that it was working on a game called 7 Horizons. And now presented her new project with the first trailer and page on Steam. He turned out to be a platform two-dimensional shooter in which we play for a jelly named Jelly.

Jellys main ability is the ability to change shape. This helps him to take the form of any oncoming people, at the same time adopting their skills.

With such help Jelly must overcome the trials of six planets, save his mentor and learn all the truth about the worlds danger. The creators of the game do not hide that were inspired by Rayman and Mega Man.

And release the game 7 Horizons they are going to RS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Its going to happen this year: the exact release date has not yet been named.

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