Cyberpunk 2077 comes out in exactly two weeks… unless the game is postponed again

Cyberpunk 2077 goes to the finish line – until the release of December 10 is exactly two weeks. And, apparently, this time the release will not be postponed. CD Projekt has recently shared many details about the game, including showing console versions for the first time โ€” for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, as well as on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 thanks to backward compatibility.

But many are still wondering – and suddenly the game will be postponed again? Given that disks are not only printed, but also actively sent to store warehouses, and some already play the project, the probability of another transfer is extremely small – although it does exist. a good opportunity to remind you about all the fresh news about Cyberpunk 2077: PC-requirements Cyberpunk 2077 presented in 7 categories – from 1080p to 4K with RTX Buyers Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam will receive story from the main screenwriter Cyberpunk 2077 suddenly show on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X Cyberpunk 2077 showed on PS4 Pro and PS5 โ€” 7 minutes of gameplay In Cyberpunk 2077 you can adjust your teeth and length of nails hero Keanu Reeves – canonical hero of the universe Cyberpunk 2077 Leading tester Cyberpunk 2077 has spent over 175 hours in the game and still has not passed her Life Johnny – new issue Night City Wire dedicated to the hero Kean Reeves Reitreising in Cyberpunk 2077 on AMD graphics cards first will not be Cyberpunk 2077 players when connected to GOG will receive clothes in the style of โ€œThe Witcherโ€.