Cyberpunk 2077 creators release 5-minute appeal and plan for 2021

CD Projekt released a 5-minute address to players, where the founder and head of the company Marcin Ivinsky on points talks about the current situation with Cyberpunk 2077, in parallel promising to fix everything problems and achieve the required quality. The appeal was called โ€œOur Fidelity to Qualityโ€ . Firstly, Ivinsky talked about the problems of console versions.

According to him, the studio until the last โ€œstruggled for qualityโ€ on the PS4 and Xbox One, and many of the difficulties players faced after the release came as a surprise to the team. The main problem for consoles became streaming objects – due to slow hard drives and weak processors.

The studio first made Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, after which it began to transfer it to the console. However, the process turned out to be more difficult than the developers expected.

As a result, CD Projekt RED constantly worked on improving data streaming. Secondly, journalists sent keys to console versions of the game a couple of days before release just because they were worked on until the last moment.

No attempt to hide the state of the project on these platforms. Thirdly, now the company is focused on fixing Cyberpunk 2077 โ€” three hotfixes have already been released, and the first major update will appear in next 10 days.

Then, after a few more weeks, an even bigger patch will be released. Fourth, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions are now scheduled for 2021, but do not wait until the second half of the year .

And, apparently, the first paid addition will be released no sooner than 2022-go. The plan for 2021, along with this, the company is working on the speedy return of Cyberpunk 2077 to the PS Store.

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