Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots amused in Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot contest

The official community CD Projekt RED in January announced the official Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot competition, Shutterpunk 2077. And one of the participants of the competition received a ban for her works. Interesting in this is that they were made directly in the game, without any modifications and pre-working.

And can you find out for what I in VK the official group Cyberpunk2077 threw in an emergency? All I did was put out screenings for participation in the contest and retweeted the entry with the contest. @CDPROJEKTRED @blubberbaka) February 12, 2021On request Kristina Mineeva the official representative office of the studio in Russia explained that the administration in this way is done with all NSFW materials, guided by the general rules.

Any similar materials are located and removed, with appropriate measures taken. Mods here at nothing.

And the moderators just follow the established rules, which we have the same that in VC, what in the forum, what in the discard. โ€” CD PROJEKT RED RU (