Cyberpunk adventure Wild Dose out on Kickstarter

Maxime Bernard, a French single game designer who performs under the name Lappi Soft, took out his new project on Kickstarter. This adventure role-playing game Wild Dose, the action of which takes place in a dark cyberpunk future. The Earth has turned into a single mega-city, and in it is not for everyone there is a convenient place.

Governments no longer exist, giant corporations have taken their place. And in place of social services arrived virtual drugs: they are distributed directly on neural networks into implants, and hackers create their own versions of this opium for the people.

the most dangerous of hacker drugs, a creation of Kapeting called Wild Dose. This creation sends the hero to another world, to the bosom of wildlife, where a variety of consumer groups appear as different creatures or entities.

Players have to switch between the real world with a lot of different characters and the world of a virtual drug until the line between them begins to erase. And at some point we will have to decide if we want a revolution.

Free demo version, Wild Dose prologue, is available on Steam. And on Kickstarter, the creator of Wild Dose is trying to raise a little more than $10,000 โ€” and this goal has already been accomplished by almost half.

The author plans to release the game on RS, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of 2022. More on Gambling Comics Game Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends took out on Kickstarter To the military shooter Land of War released the official music video Left 4 Dead + โ€œAlienโ€ โ€” Aliens co-op shooter announced: Fireteam.