Cyberpunk with Flying Machines: Vigilance 2099 Gameplay Trailer

The independent studio Envoidant, effectively made up of one person, has published a new trailer for the future Vigilance 2099 game. It featured the gameplay of a project dedicated to bounty hunting in the world of the winning cyberpunk. The games creators were inspired by the Prey 2 version that never saw the light and โ€œBlade Runners razors.

โ€ It is done on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, and gameplay includes flying car control, parkour, skirmishing, breaking and fistfights. The camera can be switched between views from the first and third person.

While Vigilance 2099 does not even have an approximate release date, and those wishing to follow the development progress should contact Patreon or to the projects Discord channel. More on Ghiromania In Hokko Life simulator, Farming Censorship in Superhot VR sparked a flurry of negative reviews Deepest Chambers card buttler came out in early access.