Cycling Dutchman (48) picked up at Belarusian border

A Dutch man (48) tried cycling to reach Belarus last weekend, ‘looking for a better life’. The border police of the country shared a remarkable picture of his arrest on Tuesday.

The cycling forties came from Lithuania, reports the Belarusian police. He‘s being expelled from the country and won’t be welcome for the next five years.

In Lithuania, the man was already spotted by the security forces of that country. The colleagues in Belarus were then informed. The man initially hid in the woods, but was found and arrested. A photograph shows how he is lying out in anticipation of his fate.

The man said that he crossed the border because he was looking for โ€œa better life in Belarus or Russia.โ€ The curious incident took place on Sunday. Where exactly the man came from from cycling is not clear.

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