Cyclist who dropped young girl by knee in the Ardennes in front of the court

A man who gave a girl of five in the Belgian Ardennes a knee in her back when he cycled by must come to court. The incident took place on Christmas Day near Baraque Michel. In February, the man has to answer to the court.

See for yourself what happened:

A lot of fuss arose due to the action of the cyclist, after the girl‘s father shared the footage on social media. On it you can see that the girl falls when the cyclist passes the family on the narrow hiking path. He then continued to cycle. The girl was not injured, reports the Belgian newspaper Het Laat Nieuws.

The cyclist would have told the father that he wanted to pass and didn’t drop anyone. Still, the video shows that he sticks out his knee when he cycled past the girl. He also did not reduce speed when he wanted to pass the family.

He didn‘t know.

The prosecutors office in Liège says that the man went to the police and said that he had not done it consciously. He explained that he didn‘t know he hit the girl, says prosecutor Vanessa Clérin to the ANP.

The prosecutor’s office thinks differently. After the father‘s testimony and the analysis of the video, the prosecutor’s office believes it is a matter of blows and injuries, says Clérin.

Thus, the man is on trial for intentionally injuring the girl and can get up to a year in jail.