Cyprus, Croatia, Switzerland and Greek islands on yellow

As of tomorrow, holidays will be possible to more areas in Europe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that travel advice for Cyprus, Croatia (except the northern region around the capital Zagreb), Liechtenstein and Switzerland goes from orange to yellow.


same goes for the Greek South Aegean Islands, such as Kos, Mykonos and Rhodes. They were yellow before, but that was reversed at the end of last month because the corona situation had suddenly deteriorated. But according to Foreign Affairs, the number of infections has declined sufficiently again.

CCEit on 3 created a tool that allows you to see what to consider when you want to go on holiday.

As countries and territories are now turning yellow, holidays to them will be possible from tomorrow without the need for travellers to undergo a test or quarantine upon return to the Netherlands. However, it is possible that the countries themselves still impose entry restrictions on Dutch people.

Tomorrow Iceland, Poland and Romania will go from yellow to green, which means there are no more security risks.