Czech captain question mark

The Czech Republic does not know if it can hold its captain on Sunday evening against the Netherlands. Behind the name of Vladimír Darida there is a question mark, the Czech Federation confirms Saturday through official channels.
Hertha BSC‘s 30-year-old midfielder was swapped in the pool duels with Scotland and Croatia just before time and went to the side against England after one hour. On Saturday he was completely lacking during training. He’s under treatment of doctors and physiotherapists. If he can kick off Sunday, we‘ll still have to decide.
The captain’
s injury is not the only problem the Czechs have faced. The number three of Poule D was supposed to train after arriving in Budapest, but had to do so — due to technical problems of the aircraftdomestically. The Czechs are expected to be held in the Hungarian capital on Sunday at 6 p.m. and the Netherlands will compete for a ticket to the quarterfinals in Baku, where the Netherlands awaits.

ℹ️ Vladimír Darida se zranil na včerejším tréninku a z toho důvodu chybí na dnešním oficiálním tréninku. Je v péči lékařů a fyzioterapeutů. O jeho zítřejším startu v zápasu se teprve rozhodne.
— Česká fotbalová reprezentace (@ceskarepre_cz) June 26, 2021