Czechs to Parliament ballot box, Babis in polls sips

In the Czech Republic, polling rooms are open today and tomorrow for the parliamentary elections. According to the latest polls, the populist party ANO of current Prime Minister Andrej Babis will be the largest in the country, although the lead is not as big as a few weeks ago.

In the polls, the ANO is only a few percentage points ahead of the two opposition parties. Those two, a centre-right and a progressive party, have campaigned against Babis and his policies. They work together and dont want to form a government with Babis. The elections are therefore seen as a kind of referendum on Babis.

The Czech Prime Minister is criticized, including how he has been dealing with the corona pandemic. More than 30,000 Czechs died from the effects of the pandemic.

Conflict of Interest

In addition, Babis, who is a successful businessman, is accused of conflicting interests between his business empire and his political activities. Babis is one of the richest inhabitants of the Czech Republic. He made his money with companies in the agricultural sector and the food industry.

The European Commission halted agricultural subsidies to a company founded by Babis in August. The Prime Minister would have been active in the company, which he himself denies.

In addition, it is also mentioned in the Pandora Papers. His name popmed up at letterbox firms used for the purchase of real estate.

If 67-year-old Babis is elected for a second term, he will be allowed to form a government again, even if it will be difficult to find coalition partners. He is currently running a minority government.