D66 and GroenLinks dont want to be in local government with Fvd or PVV

D66 leader Kaag and GroenLinks leader Klaver both appeal to other parties in the run-up to the municipal elections not to run with Forum for Democracy or PVV. Kaag did so at a campaign meeting of her party, Klaver spoke at a GroenLinks congress.

Kaag said her party is not going to rule with the โ€œextreme rightโ€. She asked her national colleagues to โ€œgive that same clarityโ€. Klaver believes that fellow party leaders should draw a โ€œdemocratic borderโ€ with him.

Klaver said Fvd politicians are carrying out โ€œa systematic attack on the democratic rule of lawโ€ by, for example, talking about tribunals where politicians will be tried. He fears that this will lead to political violence and referred to the storming of the Capitol in Washington following a call from then President Trump to come to the city.

Kaag said in her speech: โ€œExtremism carries wrong flags or a torch on the street. In the House of Representatives, it wears a tie. With a few seats, it often paralyzes the parliamentary order. And now it‘s knocking on the doors of the council halls in all parts of the Netherlands.โ€

โ€œExtremism inspires threatโ€

She also talked about comparisons between the corona measures and the Holocaust and threatening tribunals. โ€œThis extremism inspires threats to public office holders,โ€ said the D66 politician, who himself is frequently threatened.

In a response to the speeches, Forum for Democracy says: โ€œComes out nice, because we don’t want to control with them eitherโ€.

PVV leader Wilders calls it โ€œarrogance to put more than a million PVV men in the wrong camp. In this way, D66 and GroenLinks show that they themselves are the new fascists of 2022.โ€

VVD leader Rutte and CDA leader Hoekstra understand the call of D66 and GL. Both say they can‘t imagine that local groups think it’s a good idea to work with Fvd or PVV, but that they ultimately decide that for themselves.

Rutte says it can‘t imagine that there is a local VVD group, which says: โ€œwe will happily work with Forum or the PVV, also because so much has happened recently.โ€

Hoekstra also believes that โ€œsuch debatable textsโ€ have been voiced, in which he mentions Fvd leader Baudet as an example. โ€œThat’s just not acceptable.โ€

The municipal elections will be in a month, on 14, 15 and 16 March. Fvd will participate in 50 municipalities, the PVV in 31.