D66 and GroenLinks want the House of Representatives to be able to question ministers who are on their way to their seats

Secretaries of State and ministers in the offing must from now on be questioned by the House of Representatives before they are installed by the King, if it is up to D66 and GroenLinks.

If they can first be questioned critically by the House in a hearing, the chances of things coming to light after installation that hamper the functioning are smaller, according to the parties. In addition, society and the Chamber are more likely to look at the question of who will govern our country. GroenLinks and D66 today present the plan for the “public test” in a debate where the code of conduct for members of parliament is on the agenda.

“The formation is one big black box. We are trying to do everything we can to make it better”, says D66 MP Van Meenen, who believes that this proposal is part of that.

GroenLinks and D66 also want to have the opportunity to invite the formateur to the House of Representatives. “The current formation process is still very closed and surrounded by obstinacy. That does not fit the spirit of the times”, say GroenLinks and D66.

Van Meenen emphasises that it is not the intention to place the mandate to appoint candidates with the Chamber. “But we must say goodbye to the idea that we dont know who ministers are until theyre with the King.”

Speaking times

As far as the inventors are concerned, the plan will come into effect as early as next years formation after the elections. Previous plans for more parliamentary participation in the formation have so far never been able to count on a majority in parliament. It is still unclear how the House of Representatives views this proposal, only the PVV informed the CCeit of its support for the plan.

Today, the party itself came up with a proposal to limit the speaking time of ministers in debates. According to the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), speaking times for members of parliament are already very limited.