D66 gives victim cross-border behavior compensation

D66 has placed a rectification on cross-border behaviour of the now stepped up party prominent Frans van Drimmelen. The victim also receives a financial compensation.

The party summit says that after an investigation by agency BING, the impression was erroneously created that there was no question of cross-border behavior. Thats wrong.

This is a case that played in 2015 and 2016. The public investigation said that no abuse of power and sexual harassment had been found.

But de Volkskrant reported last month that there was another confidential attachment, stating that Van Drimmelen had been guilty of stalking, threats and blackmail.

Party chairman Victor Everhardt and party leader Sigrid Kaag had recently apologised for the way they handled the case.

Member meeting

The members of D66 had a meeting with the party summit today, where they were able to express themselves critically behind closed doors. They are satisfied with how that went.

Only the last part of the meeting was public. There sounded particularly proud about the open conversation that was held today. This is my party, Everhardt said. We dare to do this, this is what we do. But oh, there is so much work left to do. And thats not in procedures, structures and things like that, its also in culture.

Kaag agreed that there is still a long way to go, but stated that the party summit has learned a lot from the issue. We are coming out of this stronger. She received a loud applause from the members.

Mariëtte Hamer also spoke. The former PvdA party chairman and SER chairman has been an independent government commissioner for sexual transgressive conduct and sexual violence for a month.

She said that the problem of cross-border behaviour is greater than just D66 and that we have all ended up in a big search for the question how to reduce this problem. To D66, she said: You are at the beginning, start, beginning.

Second case

Meanwhile, there is another case at D66: NRC reports that three former employees have submitted complaints to the Integrity Committee about MEP Samira Rafaela. It is said to have been guilty of harassment, abuse of power, bullying and threats. Rafaela threatens to step out of the party.