D66 investigates allegations cross-border conduct MPP Smeets

D66 has announced an internal party investigation into the new MP Sidney Smeets. He is accused by several people of sexually stimulated cross-border behavior.

โ€œ Let me be clear, there is no room for cross-border behaviour in our party,โ€ says Party leader Kaag in a statement. โ€œD66 sets clear standards of how people within our party should behave. That‘s why we take these messages very seriously.โ€

The issue came to light after several people on Twitter said that they had been approached by Smeets as underage boys, and GeenStijl had paid attention to it.

Here are some examples of their posts:

D66 Party Chairman Spierings says that these allegations against Smeets (45) were known to the party before.

Spierings reports that on 31 March a report came to the party about Smeets’s behaviour prior to his candidacy as a member of parliament. โ€œTogether with Sigrid Kaag, I had a penetrating conversation with Sidney Smeets on the basis of that report,โ€ she says.

Spierings says she‘s been trying to get more information in the meantime. But yesterday’s reports brought the process to a different stage and the party summit again spoke with Smeets. It was then decided to open an internal investigation.

โ€œ They will collect all available information and list findings in order to determine whether there has been potentially undesirable manners or cross-border behaviour,โ€ says Spierings.

Smeets says in the statement: โ€œI am frightened by the messages that have been sent about me. In some posts I read that people have experienced contact with me as undesirable. I hate that, because that was not my intention. To my best knowledge, I have always behaved within the laws that apply in the Netherlands. I understand very well that the party is taking this seriously. I support that very naturally and naturally I contribute to everything that is asked of me.โ€