D66 joins GroenLinks: childcare free

Like GroenLinks, government party D66 wants childcare to be free. The two parties will present a joint proposal this afternoon in the Chamber debate on the payment and the resignation of the Cabinet.

By making childcare free, the childcare allowance can be abolished. This supplement was at the heart of the tax administrations fraud hunt that got out of control, causing thousands of parents to be in financial trouble.

GroenLinks and D66 want childcare to become a free public service, just like education. Now parents have to pay their own contribution and can therefore receive a surcharge to pay the costs.

Not bound to coalition agreements

By joining the opposition party GroenLinks, D66 goes against the agreements within the coalition. But because the cabinet is demissionary, the parties are no longer bound by it.

Groenlinks leader Jesse Klaver hopes to be able to use this more often in the coming period. According to him, there is now a chance of a social majority in the House of Representatives until the elections.

โ€œ The payment affair must be a turning point: from here we will rebuild the welfare state,โ€ says Klaver. After making childcare free, he also wants to tackle the welfare law. That is where, too, humanity and confidence in the citizen must return, says Klaver.

Recently, a great deal of indignation arose at the report that a woman in the assistance had to repay EUR 7000, because her mother regularly ran errands for her.