D66 Minister Van Engelshoven does not return to new cabinet

Demissionary Minister Van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science does not return to the Rutte-IV cabinet. The D66 politician says to AD that she found her ministry โ€œsuper interesting and very honorable to doโ€, but that she is not going up for a second term.

โ€œI see the ministry as a crown in my work for the party,โ€ she says. Previously, she was party chairman of D66 and alderman in The Hague. โ€œBut you also need to be able to let go. I want to offer room for new blood.โ€

For the party summit of D66, according to 55-year-old Van Engelshoven, it is no surprise that she leaves. She says she already informed Sigrid Kaag and Rob Jetten last year that she did not want to return. โ€œThere is a time to come and a time to go,โ€ she says.

Attractive prospect

Van Engelshoven says that her successor to the ministry can start fine. For example, more money has come for education and research, and the cultural budget has also been increased. She thinks its going to be difficult for herself to let go of politics.

โ€œBut the chance to look outside these square kilometers in The Hague is also an attractive prospect,โ€ she says to the paper. She doesnt know exactly what shes going to do yet. Van Engelshoven does say that she wants to serve โ€œsocial goalsโ€.

Last week, ChristenUnie officials Slob and Blokhuis said they are not returning to the new cabinet. And Minister Dekker (VVD) said yesterday in De Cceit that he too is quitting.