D66 supporters call Kaag: ‘Keep your back straight’

A group of 264 concerned D66 members calls on party leader Sigrid Kaag to keep their backs straight in the coalition and under โ€œno circumstances to break open the coalition agreementโ€. They do this in an open letter that has just been sent to Kaag.

Signatories to the letter include group chairmen in Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Tilburg, The Hague, Breda and Arnhem, aldermen from Wageningen, Brummen, Rheden, and council and state members throughout the country. They say they are concerned about unity in the government and the agreements made in the coalition agreement.

According to them, these agreements are under pressure now that the supporters of parties are moving on themes such as climate and asylum policy. The VVD supporters denounced the asylum policy in sharp words this week, the CDA supporters are critical of the cabinets nitrogen policy.

The concern among D66 people was already there when members of VVD and CDA came up with proposals earlier this summer at conferences to tackle nitrogen policy differently, but the statements of CDA leader Hoekstra that meeting the nitrogen targets by 2030 is not sacred, and the quarrels after that have the concerns. further enlarged.

Concerns about hardening asylum debate

โ€œWe understand that the CDA is in a difficult position, but they have been pushing the nitrogen file forward for forty years,โ€ says Emmense group chairman Koops, one of the initiators of the letter. The D66 members call on Kaag and the party not to let go of those goals, with a reference to the โ€œyears of degradation of nature and the environmentโ€.

There are also concerns about the โ€œhardening of the asylum debateโ€. The situation in Ter Apel is terrible, says Koops and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. But โ€œno asylum seeker in Ter Apel will be helped tonight if D66 now leaves the cabinetโ€. Collaborative resolution must remain paramount.

In that respect, the letterwriters see the Netherlands at a turning point. โ€œDemocracy is under pressure, cooperation is being exchanged for the right of the strongest and loudest. The rule of law is under severe attack.โ€

Share coalition tends to give in to pressure

According to the D66, part of the coalition tends to โ€œgive in to the pressureโ€. That is why, with the letter, they want to express emphatic support for all administrators, D66 members and coalition partners who are willing to โ€œtake responsibility in difficult times instead of taking the path of least resistanceโ€. Koops also emphatically mentions the VVD administrators Van der Wal and Van der Burg who, in his eyes, keep their backs straight.

According to the writers, the letter did not arise from doubts about the steadfastness of Kaag and the other administrators, but mainly intended as support in the back. Group leader Paternotte said that he also took the letter in this way.

After Hoekstras statements last week, a quarrel arose in the cabinet and Prime Minister Rutte and Deputy Prime Minister Kaag were unpleasantly surprised. In last Tuesdays debate, the nitrogen quarrel was somewhat frozen and the cabinet referred to the further discussions led by Johan Remkes.

Although Prime Minister Rutte continued to say that the nitrogen agreements โ€œactually standโ€, it is still unclear what the cabinet will do.

So it is first to wait for the report that Remkes makes after completion of his consultation with those involved in the nitrogen problem. That report is expected in a few weeks.