Daily Mail: Piroe suddenly worth 23.6 million after Swansea super season

Joël Piroe swapped PSV for Swansea City last season and has made a big impression in Wales ever since. According to The Daily Mail, it is even worth more than 23 million euros.
Piroe failed to break into the first team at PSV and was also rented out to Sparta before leaving for Swansea City for 1.2 million euros last season. His club was only fifteenth in the Championship, but Piroe ran one in two and came out with 22 hits in 45 games. In doing so, he has aroused the interest of a number of Premier League clubs, including Leicester City, claims The Daily Mail.
However, the born Wijchenaar is still fixed until mid-2024 and must cost the grand prize, reports the tabloid. Swansea City is said to have an amount of 23.6 million euros in its head, more than twenty times the purchase price.