Dakhla: strong mobilization to succeed national vaccination campaign against Covid-19

The first doses of the coronavirus vaccine were given to targeted categories in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region (southern Morocco), as part of the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 launched Thursday by King Mohammed VI.

At the โ€œDar El Mouwaten Alqodsโ€ vaccination station in Dakhla, the categories concerned by the vaccine, masks on the face, were welcomed in small groups, in strict compliance with the health protocol and the preventive measures in force aimed at limiting the spread of the disease.

In a statement to MAP, Samira Bachar, a medical specialist at the Regional Directorate of Health pointed out that members of the auxiliary forces, police officers aged 45 years and people over 75 years of age received the first doses of the vaccine.

The second day of the campaign took place in good conditions, thanks to the logistical support provided by the Regional Directorate of Health, in cooperation with local authorities, to succeed in this operation at the regional level, she said.

In this wake, she called on citizens to go massively to vaccination points and to actively engage in this operation aimed at strengthening collective immunity and curbing the spread of this pandemic.

Several beneficiaries expressed their satisfaction with the conditions of reception and care throughout the vaccination process, while expressing their thanks and gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for this generous initiative of the Sovereign.

According to the Oued-Eddahab Provincial Health Delegation, three fixed vaccination points have been planned for the campaign in the region, two of which were in Dakhla and a centre in Aousserd province, in addition to three mobile teams to bring vaccination closer to the groups concerned.

King Mohammed VI proceeded on Thursday at the Royal Palace in Fes to launch the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

On that occasion, the sovereign King had received the first dose of the vaccine against the virus.

In accordance with the royal instructions, the vaccination campaign will be free for all citizens, with the aim of immunizing all components of the Moroccan people (30 million to vaccinate about 80% of the population), reduce and eliminate cases of contamination and deaths due to the epidemic, and to contain the spread of the virus with a view to a gradual return to normal life.

By CCEiT (with MAP)