Dallas suburb synagogue hostage

A hostage is taking place in a suburban synagogue in the American city of Dallas. The Star-Telegram from nearby Fort Worth writes that police are negotiating with a hostage taker. The FBI is also on the scene.

An FBI spokesperson said there are no victims as far as known and authorities don‘t know how many people are in the synagogue.

At the time the hostage began, a service was underway in the synagogue of the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville. Several visitors would have been taken hostage by an armed man.

Possible brother of Al-Qaida member

ABC News heard from a source that the hostage taker says he is a brother to a female Al-Qaida member being held at an Air Force base in Forth Worth. She was reported to have been sentenced to 86 years in 2010 for the attempted murder of a U.S. military man. The man would have the rabbi and three others hostage.

The service was streamed on Facebook but that has now stopped. A Star-Telegram reporter heard the man in the negotiations with the police say, โ€œI’m going to die. Don‘t cry for me. Are you listening? I’m going to die.โ€ Residents of the synagogue have been evacuated.