Damage leakage BP in Rotterdam minor due to rapid occurrence

Due to the leakage of a chemical at the refinery of BP in the Rotterdam port area of Europoort, an employee was slightly injured on Sunday. Previously, there were two wounded.

The safety region reports Sunday afternoon that an employee who came into contact with the toxic hydrogen fluoride quickly got into an emergency shower, making his injuries less severe than they were feared. The victim was taken to the hospital. Hydrogen fluoride can severely affect the skin and underlying tissue when touched.

Dozens of firefighters, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, prevented the hazardous substance from spreading outside BPRR‘s premises on the d’Arcyweg. The company could then handle the consequences of the leakage itself. How that could arise is still being investigated. There was no danger to the environment.

BP Refinery Rotterdam (BPRR) is one of the largest refineries in Western Europe. The company processes 400,000 barrels of oil every day (19 million tonnes per year).