Damage to Melbourne buildings due to ‘rare’ earthquake

In the Australian city of Melbourne, buildings have been damaged by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

This is what the damage in the city now looks like:

The Australian geological service Geoscience Australia reports that the quake was felt in many places in the southeast of the country, from the cities of Adelaide to Sydney. The epicenter was located near Mansfield, 200 kilometres northeast of Melbourne. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometres.

The earthquake also occurred during a TV broadcast:

Prime Minister Morrison said from the US, where he is visiting, that he has no reports of victims yet. โ€œSo that‘s very good news and let’s hope it stays that way,โ€ he told journalists. โ€œAn earthquake of this nature can be very disturbing. It‘s very rare events in Australia.โ€

According to Geoscience Australia, earthquakes in eastern Australia are unusual, as it lies relatively far from fault lines on the Indo-Australian plate. Today’s earthquake was heavier than the 1989 city of Newcastle. There were thirteen dead.